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When it comes to managing the federal budget, government officials only have three choices.  These are the same three choices that governments through the world and through the centuries have always had; raise taxes, cut spending, or debase the currency (print money). Join your host Dennis Tubbergen on this week’s Special Edition of Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio where he looks at the prospects for these three options, why each one is a bad choice, and how you might protect your dreams of a secure, stress-free retirement.

Dennis Tubbergen has been working in the financial services industry for over thirty years.  He is the CEO of PLP Advisors, a registered investment advisory company, and the host of Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio.  Dennis has authored numerous books for financial advisors and consumers, three of which have been #1 best-sellers on Amazon.

You can get a free copy of this month’s Special Report at www.RequestYourReport.com.