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This week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio, your host Dennis Tubbergen visits again with cycles expert Dr. Charles Nenner, who tells us that we have entered the next 30-year cycle of inflation and high-interest rates. Dr. Nenner says that while the central banks don’t appear to know what they are doing or how they’ll ultimately resolve the inflation and high-interest rate climate, he calculates that if we were to return to a gold standard, gold would be about $48,000 per ounce, which even he admits would be crazy!

Dr. Charles Nenner’s career is truly impressive: he earned a medical degree from the University of Amsterdam in 1984 prior to embarking on a long and distinguished career as a financial consultant, researcher, and analyst. He has worked for Windsor, NY, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Rabobank International, and Ofek Securities in Tel Aviv.

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