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“The dollar is going to suck the liquidity out of all of the other fiat currencies and all the weaker currencies are going to fall against the dollar. And then the US dollar itself starts to implode and just crashes into a crater”. The forecast from this week’s guest, Mr. Mark Jeftovic. Your host Dennis Tubbergen talks with Jeftovic about the future of crypto-currencies and gets his take on what’s happening in the bond markets that has central banks worldwide in a no-win situation. It’s an engaging conversation you’ll not want to miss.

Mark E. Jeftovic Mark is a 30-year veteran of the Internet, the co-founder & CEO of easyDNS Technologies, a Toronto-based web services company, and the author of two books about the internet; Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Cancel-Culture, and Deplatform Attacks, and other Online Disasters. Additionally, Jeftovic authors the blog site bombthrower.com and The CryptoCapitalist Newsletter.

To learn more about Mark Jeftovic please visit www.thecryptocapitalist.com or take advantage of his trial newsletter offer at www.thecryptocapitalist.com/trial.