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“Bank regulators were really asleep at the switch. They had all the red flags for Silicon Valley Bank back in 2019. They raised concerns, but they never forced any actions. The rating agencies were asleep at the switch as well. They were rating Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank as investment grade securities right up to the end.” Our guest this week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio is A. Gary Shilling. He talks with your host, Dennis Tubbergen, about the systemic risks in the banking industry and provides his forecast for a recession in the coming months.

Dr. A. Gary Shilling is an American financial analyst and commentator who appears on a regular basis in publications such as Forbes magazine, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.  He is also the author of the monthly newsletter INSIGHT and the book “The Age of Deleveraging.” You can get a free copy of the INSIGHT newsletter by calling 888-346-7444.

For more information about our guest, Dr. A. Gary Shilling, or to inquire about his Insight newsletter, please visit www.agaryshilling.com.