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Finding Financial Freedom: A Lifetime Guide - Apply Timeless Financial Principles to Your Personal Finances and Prosper in Today's Economy

by Dennis Tubbergen


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This book provides 9 clear steps to financial freedom. In this book, you will discover why much of the traditional financial planning advice may let investors down and what you should consider instead.Written from the perspective of using ancient money wisdom found in scripture to navigate the predictable economic cycles that exist in today’s economy, this book may show you:when, historically speaking, economic conditions looked like they do today and what happened to financial marketshow to accumulate assets in light of this wisdom and these predictable cyclessimple, effective, easy-to-implement debt elimination strategies why the investing approaches advocated by many in the financial industry may fail many investorswhat a two bucket investing approach is and why you should consider ita new, more relevant perspective when it comes to IRA and 401(k) investing